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During Kathy’s high tech career’s world travels, she’d dog professional photographers – holding up her vintage 1956 all-manual-everything 35mm Leica seeking advice. Spotting the priceless Leica, most cornered photographers were more than willing to tutor how they created art by capturing light, emotions, and subjects while aligning compositions. And on her frequent trips to a San Francisco office, free time was spent drooling over the largest private collection of original Ansel Adams prints. Most likely his work influenced her ‘simplicity with awe’ style.

Career Highlights: Several photos have landed on magazine covers. A ‘low-light’ studio composition, “Softy’s Yarn”, was selected to be exhibited in The Bascom museum’s juried, 2011 American Still Life exhibit. Her floral Mountain Laurel “Reverence to the Rain” won the professional category one year. Many of her Wood Boat photos have been licensed and enjoyed by many in Lake Rabun Association publications.

Her all-time favorite subjects to photograph are Golden Retrievers, vintage wood boats, lake scenes, Fourth of July fireworks over Lake Rabun, and florals.

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