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Inspired, in 2002, by a lone Cardinal who had lost its tail, Feather-Tales started as Kathy Hamdy-Swink's dream to write humorous children’s books about inventions, adventure, and intrigue. Too bad Kathy didn't think to take a photo of the poor tail-less bird who seemed so embarrassed he waited until dark to visit the feeder!!! Maybe, just maybe, the inspiration behind our crazy company name, Feather-Tales, and Timothy the tail-less Cardinal’s ‘tale’ will finally one day be told…

Kathy didn't set out to be a photographer but then things in life are like that.  One writing gig, a new digital SLR camera, a passion for using a vintage manual Leica, free time spent among one of the largest private Ansel Adams collections, her adoration of pristine commercial landscapes, and nudges by artistic friends and gallery owners all culminated into her career as a professional photographer.  Today her work has been selected and sold in a museum; has graced several magazine covers; hangs in the State Capital, on the walls of businesses, and patron's homes; and is apparently mailed as notecards all around the world ...(according to our visitor traffic!) There is never a dull moment  for Kathy and her camera  -- one day she'll get puppy kisses, another muddy boots at commercial building sites, or splashed while enjoying a sunset cruise on a vintage wooden boat.  And on rainy days Kathy's hammering away at her keyboard on a fun fictional novel.  She's fascinated by nature, tiny things like the how raindrops seem to create geometric patters on flower petals -- and in those type of modern photos how to make its subject compelling.  This month she's been helping people find their best professional smiles and soon will be shooting a portfolio of high end homes.   In her Limited Edition Artistic Photography she attempts to blend analytical and creative viewpoints with simplistic or reflective perspectives which she hopes tugs and touches on your emotions and inspires a sense of peaceful 'awe'.  

We hope you enjoy this 2 minute slide show - which is also linked to our new online gallery (under development). Sit back, enjoy & thank-you for visiting!  

Feather-Tales' is a small minority owned business which markets and sells K.A. Hamdy-Swink’s note card collections (awesome-notecards.com), artistic photography, artistic giftware, and photography services. One niche is her vast portfolio of vintage wooden boat photography (woodboatphotos.com). We provide value priced on-site commissioned photography, and freelance marketing & copy-writing services to business and personal clients. Each year end we produce artistic photography calendars. Those coveted editions (Golden Retrievers, Lakes & Wood boats, and Florals) have a very limited availability - contact us to learn more. Our reasonable priced fine art products & Awesome-Notecards are sold directly, thru licensees, and by wholesale: in our on-line store, by phone (not everything is in our store!), at a few art shows, at a hotel gift-shop, and thru upscale retailers & galleries.



Feather-Tales, LLC
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