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Welcome to our Wood Boat Photo Page! 

Please enjoy browsing thru K.A. Hamdy-Swink's collection of Wood Boat Photos.  They will open in an online gallery. We hope you'll fall in love and consider ordering a limited edition print or just send a note to tell Kathy which one is your favorite.    ENJOY!


2013 Wooden Boat Parade at Lake Rabun

Wooden Boats of Lake Rabun - Limited Edition Photos used in the 2011 LRA Directory

2010 Wood Boat Parade at Lake Rabun

Various Wooden Boat Photos including the 2007, 2006, & 2009 Lake Rabun Wooden Boat Parades

More gallery links/photos will be added to this page so please check back for updates!!! 

: My online photo gallery software vendor requires each guest to enter an email address.   I apologize for this inconvenience!  (They do this so that your shopping cart will be saved if the system times out.)  To get around this issue - and to protect your privacy - you are welcome to "use" the following email address: guest@woodboatphotos.com  to gain access to the galleries linked above.    

For the Love of Wood Boats
very time I see a gleaming mahogany boat – I am mesmerized and very thankful for those who so lovingly own, restore, and care for the Wooden Boats of Lake Rabun, GA.  Their beauty and timeless elegance takes my breath away. My heart skips a beat as their unique voices approach.  With a voice as smooth and rich as Barry White’s some engines purr, others roar, and one, I’ve had the pleasure riding in, rhythmically ‘whomp-whumps’ like a vintage singer sewing machine.  No matter what their sound, size, age, color, make, speed, or model - they all help make Lake Rabun a magical, soul-southing, heavenly place. I tip my hat to those brave soul's who own, restore, and repair them.  Thank-you for so lovingly keeping your vintage wood boat water tight, moving forward (and in reverse!), and out and about, cruising, for the rest of us to enjoy!

Kathy Hamdy-Swink, Photographer & Freelance Writer
Feather-Tales, LLC

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