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Meet K.A. Hamdy-Swink
After a 20 year career in high tech spent making ‘things’ compelling, Kathy retired from BellSouth to work on a writing career. A sports writing/photo assignment challenged her camera ‘collection’ and in 2005, she upgraded to a digital SLR camera. Her eye for the compelling and ability to capture details combined to create photographs embedded with ‘tales’ and reflective points of views. Pressed by artistic friends to publish her fun shots, she created three collections of artistic note cards (awesome-notecards.com) and launched them spring of 2006 under her pen name: K.A. Hamdy-Swink. Chosen by Tiger Tails Gallery (Lakemont, GA) to exhibit her work, she expanded into framed photography. Kathy now enjoys shooting both sports and artistic photography in addition to providing freelance photography services to personal & business clients.

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For her latest news,  please visit her  Facebook page: Feather-Tales ; or follow @feathertales on Twitter.



All photos
on the Feather-Tales site are from K.A. Hamdy-Swink's portfolio are protected by the U.S. Copyright Laws.  They may be licensed for use from Feather-Tales, LLC.  Please contact us for more information.  Kathy can be reached at feathertales@bellsouth.net




Prices start at $35.00 USD for an 8x10 signed limited edition print and are avaiable in our online store.  Contact Feather-Tales for other sizes and photos.    

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